Rousch (Pakistan) Power Limited (RPPL) is a public limited company, registered in 1995 in Pakistan under 1994 energy policy framework introduced by Government of Pakistan (GOP) for the Private Sector Power Generation Projects for attracting foreign and domestic investments.

In pursuance to GOP Bulk Power Tariff (BPT) Policy, the Sponsors submitted their proposal for the establishment of the said power plant to the Private Power & Infrastructure Board (PPIB) of GOP. Based on this proposal, PPIB awarded a Letter of Support (LOS) on June 22, 1994 to the Sponsors.

The Project sponsors being Rousch Group of Companies of British Virgin Islands, Siemens Project Ventures of Germany and ESBI of Ireland. The Project was financed by Commercial lenders (ANZ London led consortium), Hermes, DEG and the funds contributed by the World Bank along with J-EXIM Bank.

The Company being an Independent Power Producer (IPP) has installed a thermal power plant on Build, Own, Operate and Transfer (BOOT) basis using the combined – cycle technology, fired (initially) with residual furnace oil, having a gross (ISO) capacity of 412 MW at Sidhnai Barrage near Abdul Hakim, district Khanewal, in the province of Punjab, Pakistan.

The project was completed over a period of 39 months with a total cost of around US$ 560 million funded with a debt equity ratio of 67:33.

In support of the policy of the GOP to convert residual fuel oil power plants to natural gas; the Company submitted a proposal for the conversion of its Complex to gas fired facility. GOP allocated the required natural gas to the Company. The conversion works started from September 29, 2003 and the Complex was fully converted to gas in January 2004 i.e the Gas Operation Date. The Dependable Capacity was achieved at 403.83 MW enhancing gross (ISO) capacity of the Plant from 412 MW to 450 MW.

On 7th November 2006, Rousch Companies disposed off all its remaining shares to Power Management Company (Pvt.) Ltd. (PMCL), whereas Siemens Project Ventures sold out 33.98% of their shareholding to PMCL. Through acquisition of these shares, PMCL now owns 59.98% of Company’s shares. PMCL is 100% owned subsidiary of Altern Energy Limited.