The financing structure was developed and arranged by Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) of London (ANZ is subsequently merged with Standard Chartered Bank) and National Development Finance Corporation (NDFC) of Pakistan (NDFC is subsequently merged with National Bank of Pakistan-NBP). The loans for the Project have been provided by a group of commercial banks under the lead of ANZ, London, Hermes coverage, and DEG of Germany. Further a subordinate loan was extended by the Long Term Credit Fund (LTCF), being administered by NDFC/NBP on behalf of GOP, which in turn was funded by the World Bank and J-EXIM Bank. Initially, equity was contributed by Rousch Group of Companies (33.25%), Siemens Project Ventures (59.42%), and ESB of Ireland (7.33%). However, subsequently pursuant to 100% share sale transaction by Rousch Group of Companies and partial disposal of shares by Siemens Project Ventures, the current shareholding of the Company comprises of Power Management Company (Pvt.) Ltd. (59.98%), Siemens Project Ventures (26.0%), ESB of Ireland (7.33%), National Bank of Pakistan (4.61%) and others (2.07%).

The required financing was arranged /funded as under:

Sponsor’s Equity US$ 187.615 million


Commercial loan led by ANZ/SCB London USD 148.3 million( fully paid)

Hermes Coverage loan, Germany USD 34.8 million

DEG Germany DM 21.2 million; equivalent to Euro 10.84 million ( fully paid )

NDFC/NBP through LTCF USD 180.36 million, which was subsequently enhanced to USD 219.09 million as a result of capitalization of interest.


  • Musical Event held Last year at Rousch Power Plant.

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  • Musical Event held Last year at Rousch Power Plant.

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