Rousch (Pakistan) Power Limited is a socially responsible company and as part of its core values, undertakes social responsibility projects to help meet some of the community social needs around the power plant site near Sidhnai Barrage, Abdul Hakim. The Company since its commercial operations in 1999, apart from providing 400 MW of safe, clean, cheap and reliable electricity to the national grid, has spent millions of Rupees on various projects in token of its care of local people. A few areas of CSR projects are highlighted below;


The Company donated for provision of books, classroom building and furniture, computers, laboratory equipment, tree plantation, playground and teachers’ training to local schools. It also donated tons of steel rebar for construction of nearby Army Public School building.



The Company has established an English medium Bloomfield Hall School system inside staff colony in 2009 and is meeting day- to- day needs of its operation under a contract with BFH management for providing high class quality education to the children of not only the plant staff but also of the residents of communities around the plant near Abdul Hakim. This project is improving relations with the neighbors.

The company also provides training to a few engineering and diploma students as internees to have a strong industry and universities/colleges relationship besides sponsoring the tuition fees to needy engineering students.


The Company has also been helping rural health centers for provision of medical equipment and medicines and held eye care service camps regularly.



RPPL built a mosque and provided drinking water and sitting facilities for passengers in the waiting room at the nearby Railway station. The company donated for roads and sanitation improvement projects.


The Company continues tree plantation on the approach road and in and around plant site to improve environment.


The Company also took active part in helping flood victims in 2010(the worst ever devastating flood in the history of the country) and provided food, medicines and temporary shelters.


  • Donation of Computers and classroom equipment for Army Public School Abdul Hakim – 2001
  • Donation of Electric coolers and benches to local Railway Station – 2001
  • Arrangement of teachers training program from a foreign expert for local women teachers community – 2001
  • Reconstruction of Mosque at nearby Railway Station Abdul Hakim  – 2002
  • Donation for construction of Rousch Block, computers and development of play ground for Govt. School Eid Gah No.2, Abdul Hakim – 2003
  • Donation of plants for Govt. Vocational Institute and Govt. Middle School Eid Gah No. 2. – 2003
  • Donation of building material & 28.8 tons iron bars for the construction of Army Public School Abdul Hakim – 2003
  • Donation of Electric Cooler, Fiber benches, Ceiling fans and Water pump system to RHC Hospital Abdul Hakim – 2004
  • Donation of Lab equipment for Govt. Degree College Abdul Hakim – 2004
  • Donation of Garbage storage Drums to Abdul Hakim Town Committee – 2005
  • Free eye camp for Local Community & operated & provided lenses to the 300 patients – 2006
  • Construction of Pacca Khall and re-alignment of Katcha Khall for the farmers of Mouza Batian – 2006
  • Construction of Computer Lab for Govt. Vocational Institute Abdul Hakim – 2006
  • Free Eye Camp for Community of Gulabad & surrounding Community & operated & provided optical lenses to the 350 patients – 2007
  • Construction of Brick soling for Mouza Batian – 2007
  • Provision of Lab Equipment for FG Public School Abdul Hakim – 2008
  • Provision of Library Furniture, Library books & water cooler to Army Public School Abdul Hakim  –  2008
  • Provision of Medical Equipment to Basic Health Unit Gulabad – 2008
  • Helped IDP’s of flood affected people – 2010
  • Provision of Air Conditioner to 1122 Khanewal – 2010
  • Stipends to most deserving graduate students – Ongoing
  • Internship programs for undergraduate students – Ongoing
  • Technical Training to graduate and diploma Engineers – Ongoing
  • Establishment of BHS School in RPPL staff colony for plant & Abdul Hakim Community – Ongoing
  • Provision & installation of Water Filtration plant and playground for Abdul Hakim Community – Planned


  • Musical Event held Last year at Rousch Power Plant.

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  • Musical Event held Last year at Rousch Power Plant.

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